Ways to not not have a future


Internships, jobs you name it. You will encouter them in your life at some point. It isn't easy to apply for them. In this blog I will be mentioning things such as Timemanagement, Social media, You and explaining why they are important factors for applying. Are you still looking for a internship or Job, but you don't know where to start? Read me!

Ahh... It's starting again: school. Waking up early, going to school everyday, say your goodbyes to your afternoon naps and free time. Because its time to study, look for internships or jobs. It's time to get productive again.  

You might be a bit early to read this if your are just starting your first year, but it can't hurt to prepare for the future earlier. This blog is for you to prepare for your dream internship and or job. In this blog I will be explaining some essentials to improve your chances in getting that spot.  

Time is key:
First things first: Timemangement. Time is your worst enemy when it comes to getting an Internship or a Job. Esspecially, now with the pandemic going on which makes it harder to get a job/ internship. Imagine this, you are looking for an internship over the course of 20 weeks for 4 workdays.  You want the ideal workspace for you to grow in. To get that ideal spot you must have opportunities. Most of them are at the beginning of the year where companies are actively looking for interns for the first and second terms of the school year. If you start too late, most of the places are already taken, so you will have fewer opportunities. Companies have probably given up looking for interns or are less active and will therefore be slower to respond to your applications. Same can be said about looking for a job: start on time. Do you want to be unemployed after graduating? Then have fun paying your bills without any money.

Your Phone:
Second thing you want to make sure you do is to be proactive on social media platforms. I know, I know, you probably are on tiktok for videos or instagram swiping tons of pictures, but thats not what I mean. By being proactive on subjects related to your dream spot on your social media you will let your employer know you are being seriously passionate about that spot when they look you up. Surveys show that 2 out of 5 employers will look you up on such platforms like instagram, facebook, linkedin, etc. What I highly recommend is being proactive on LinkedIn as possible. Most employers use the recruiter function on LinkedIn to search for potential employees.  Thus fill in your LinkedIn profile its your ticket to a job or internship.

Last thing I want to point out to you is have faith in your talents. Look for the talents that nobody else has but you and use them to your advantage in your letters.  When writing your application form or motivations letter make yourself stand out without using the cliches you hear form others. (cliche tip right)  Don't make yourself the ordinary employee who does his or her job when asked. When using your talents, give them examples of how this has helped you in the past and will help them in the future.  Don't give them I am energetic, but instead make a whole story about it where they can see that you are energetic.

Okay thats it. These are some essentials that can help you getting your dream intern or job. If you need more information or help visit this link for more tips. or come over for some coffee by making an appointment.