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At HelloPrint, we're looking for passionate, talented individuals who aren't afraid to go the extra mile. If you're a dynamic, enthusiastic, and proactive student ready to take on an exciting challenge, our Category Manager Internship could be your perfect opportunity.

As a Category Manager Intern, you'll play a pivotal role in the development and expansion of our product portfolio. With hundreds of unique printed products spanning across 6 dynamic categories, you'll have the chance to make a significant impact and contribute to our rapid growth. You'll work closely together with one of our experienced Category Managers as the ambassador of a specific product sub-category. Your role will involve creating the right content for our online products, selecting and introducing new products into one of our portfolios, and enhancing the overall online customer experience. 

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 180+ team from 34 countries

Rotterdam & Valencia

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What we are looking for

What we're looking for

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Who are we?

Helloprint is a fast-growing international e-commerce company, ready to scale at large. With our mission to become Earth's largest platform for printed products, we constantly challenge the status quo and try to do things differently. Helloprint is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands' best place to grow yourself. Together with our offices in Liverpool, Paris, Valencia, Lisbon and Manila, our 160+ team from 28 nationalities is working in an entrepreneurial culture where freedom and responsibility are leading to high-performance.

Up for it?

Our Helloprint talent acquisition process is straightforward with one important goal - knowing for sure that you and Helloprint are both up for it in the long run. Our culture is extremely important to us, so a fit between you and our culture is an absolute must. Check for yourself whether you think this would be a good match by reading our  Helloprint Culture Book .

When we receive your application and our first impression is positive, we will contact you and explain all the steps that will be part of our process.

Enthusiastic? Give it your best shot and let us know why!