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Student (stage of werkstudent)


Are you ready to join a dynamic and innovative team, work on exciting projects, and gain invaluable experience in a start-up environment within an international organization? Look no further than TMC!

Your challenges?

As a TMC intern, you will have the opportunity to work on projects in their earliest stages, developing proof of concepts, minimal viable products, and even participating in the launch of a brand new product through the TMC Entrepreneurial Lab (TEL).

But here's the twist - you get to design your own internship experience! We want to hear about your learning goals and aspirations, so we can help tailor your internship to your specific interests and ambitions. Want to dive into the automotive industry? We'll analyze which TEL project is the best fit for you. That’s TMC style, you’re in the driver seat of your career.

At TMC, we believe in giving our interns the freedom and responsibility they need to thrive. You'll work alongside a team of experienced professionals, receive professional guidance from a TMC Employeneur in your field, and have access to our vast network of resources and industry connections.

So, are you up for the challenge? Apply now and join the TMC team!

However, please note that the demand for our internships exceeds the supply, and we are very selective in choosing interns. Last year we received 22 applications for only seven positions. An internship’s project manager is an Employeneur as well, so during office hours, they work on their own assignment at the client’s company. This means they may not always be available for questions, and you may have to work alone often. If you excel with that kind of freedom, you can look forward to a dream internship.

At TEL, you will work on the entire project, and you will be much more a part of the product development process than you would be at other corporations, where you may only be allowed to design one specific part or component.


TMC offers students professional guidance during their internship, including a technical/graduation supervisor, two contact persons, an overall coordinator, and a project team.
A technical/graduation supervisor. Every intern is given a supervisor in the form of a TMC Employeneur of the same field, whom they can approach with technical questions. 
•2 contact persons. Interns have their own allocated contact persons within TMC and the TEL project. Within TMC there is a business manager of a relevant business cell, welcoming you and inviting you for TMC events and activities. In the TEL project it’ll most likely be the project manager.
•Overall coordinator. The TEL manager will arrange all of the official contracts, connects you to the right project and business cell and makes sure you’re all set. 
•A project team. Once a week the project team has a meeting during evening hours, which the intern is supposed to attend. We don’t want interns to work extra hours, so in exchange you’re allowed one free morning or afternoon per week. Since students go out on Thursday night, they usually take the Friday morning off.

What do we expect from you?

If you are interested in an internship at TMC, please note the following requirements:
•You can handle freedom and responsibility
•You have advanced ambitions and learning goals for the internship
•You are located in or around Eindhoven
•You can do an internship on the basis of your EU citizenship or valid residence permit for the purpose of study
•You are a student at a University (of applied sciences) in the Netherlands
•You are flexible in working hours and at least one evening in the week available for the team meeting (compensated by taking a morning or afternoon off)
•You will work 40 hours a week on the internship for at least 2 months

What can you expect from TMC?

TMC is an international high-tech consultancy company that brings expertise to their clients in order to support them with the realization of their technological challenges. As such, TMC is operating as an expert center at the disposition of its clients and we help them to be more competitive in an ever more global and faster changing technological world.

At TMC we believe that people are the driving force behind technological innovation. That is why we want to create the best possible conditions for tech talents to thrive in. We offer you a challenging and stimulating work environment in which you can be the director of your own career. 

As an intern you are part of our TMC family. Next to our outstanding technical expertise, fun and engagement are meaningful parts of our culture. 

In addition, below are the conditions you can count on:
•A warm welcome at an organization full of energetic colleagues; 
•An internship allowance;
•Freedom to take on a project which matches your ambitions; 
•The opportunity to be employed after a successful internship

Why choose for an internship at TMC?

We are truly unique thanks to our Employeneurship model which is a true innovation for the High Technology consulting business. It is the business relationship of the 21th century for high skilled technical professionals.

TMC is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.