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Welcome to Blue Star Planning, where our heart beats faster from writing elegant code, developing rock-solid applications, and delivering incredible functionality in our cloud platform. If you recognize any, then for sure, Blue Star Planning is a match to fulfill your ambitions!

What you will do

As a full member of our development team, you work closely with your colleagues on our cloud platform for large-scale factories of our customers. We develop a proprietary microservice platform in Net Core, build front ends in React with Typescript, and push test-driven via dev azure pipelines to our Kubernetes clusters.

We run specialized algorithms in our cloud platform. It would help if you had an affinity with math and algorithms; a degree is preferred.

A typical day at Blue Star Planning

Your typical day would start anywhere between 07:30 and 09:00, continuing on stories and tasks from our dev-azure environment. When the entire team is together or online, the daily planning answers your questions and further plans the day.

Typically, hunger strikes between 12:00 and 13:00 for a perfect diversion of work. When at work in our private office in Rotterdam city center, the team decides on either take-out or dine-in lunch. That is if the company has not already sponsored a Peking duck or sushi lunch that day.

The afternoon is crunch time again, but alternating with backlog grooming, planning pokers, and of course, huddles. Design meetings are usually on the current system or inspirational sessions on new technology. A few times a week, these meetings are with the CEO on the progress of development on Blue Star Planning and production planning in general.

You will work on (but not limited to):

  • Interactive workflow systems
  • Drag-and-drop user interfaces
  • UX/UI designs, either in a brainstorm or executive
  • SignalR implementations
  • Front end security systems

Who we are looking for

  • A communicative software engineer proficient in English
  • Bachelor or master in ICT studies (or relevant field)
  • Experience in a front end development role
  • Love for clean code, high performance, and testability
  • A team member for pair programming and code reviews
  • Someone with a curious mindset and hands-on attitude; we are developing new systems that require new knowledge

What you can expect

We love prototyping. You take part in the decision-making for technology and architecture, if not downright being the architect. We develop in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code and push our code directly to the cloud (no servers in our office!). We love clean code, fast, performant, and reusable components. And if you break the build, we help you fix it!

So if writing code is your thing, you have a love for building complex user interfaces and recognize all of the above: please let us know and send us a message! We look forward to hearing what would be your perfect job and how we can work together to achieve that.

Who we are

Blue Star Planning is a Rotterdam-based company with an international focus. We operate as a start-up in the center of Rotterdam and develop a microservices platform in the Microsoft cloud with Kubernetes. Based on your skill and drive, there are many positions in the company you can but don't have to grow into, like technical or business consultancy.