Blue Star Planning

Since we were founded in 2020 we operate as a startup and change the way production companies schedule and plan their work in their facilities. With effort and fun we build the technologically most advanced cloud platform for automated planning and scheduling, helping factories to automate their production planning and processes and making them perform better.

Our team builds and implements the industries best Advanced Planning & Scheduling platform to optimize our clients production facilities. Operating as a startup from our Rotterdam city center office, we share equal interest and responsibility in advancing our careers with experience and moving the company forward. Our in-house approach has formed our team of developers, marketeers and consultants and we truly form a team. Bright minds making fun and learning fast. Will you join us for lunch and see how we operate?

ICT Bedrijfssoftware / Software 


10-15 employees

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Activities of the organization

At the core of Blue Star Platform is the development of our technically advanced cloud platform for production planning. Our platform spins 24/7 for constant interaction with our clients production environment, automating their facility and upping their productivity.

Design meetings, sprint planning, huddles and retrospectives keep us focused and are a great distraction from the fun we have together while writing code and creating awesome user interfaces.

Marketing and sales are of course constantly around and of course part of the by-weekly sprint reviews. They get our story out there, giving online and onsite demos of our platform to reel those clients in!

Consultants form our backbone to keep adding valuable functionality to our platform. Believe it or not, they are the good guys in this story and a great part of the team!





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Software Engineering



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