Elevator pitch
"Tell me a little about yourself?" This is often the first question recruiters ask during a job interview.

Do you know how to convince employers with your Elevator Pitch?

Often the first question at a job interview is “tell me something about yourself?”. For many applicants it is difficult to give a strong and good answer. The answer to this question is also called the Elevator Pitch. Think of it as if you were in an elevator with the recruiter; the ride up usually takes about 30 seconds. The trick is to convince the other person in this short period of time about yourself and to arouse their interest. How well have you mastered this?

Our HR professionals at ErasmusTalent will gladly help you to make and practice your Elevator Pitch. This way you are prepared for the question and you can use your optimal Elevator Pitch with confidence during your job interviews! Interested? Check out our events!