ErasmusTalent: from a Rotterdam initiative to national career platform

ErasmusTalent is a leading online career platform that specializes in connecting companies and organizations with talented candidates on universities of applied sciences (HBO) and research universities (WO) level in the Netherlands. This platform serves as a bridge between academic talent and professional opportunities, fostering meaningful connections in the Dutch job market.

The platform originated from its collaboration with the renowned erasmus University in Rotterdam. What began as a local initiative in Rotterdam has, since 2020, evolved into an independent platform with a broad reach. It has expanded beyond the Randstad region and now operates on a national scale.

With its growing reach and inclusive approach, ErasmusTalent welcomes talented individuals from all universities and colleges across the Netherlands, regardless of their field of study.

Our Mission: To connect talented candidates on HBO and WO level with leading companies based on their interests and abilities.

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Discover your Interests, Talents and Ambition

ErasmusTalent looks beyond just your education and (work) experience, because we understand that your talents are essential for finding work that suits you and building a satisfying career.

That’s why we developed the Passion, Interests, Talents and Ambition (PITA) model. This model helps you discover your PITA, so you can effortlessly find your ideal job or internship with leading employers.

Work that matches your PITA offers many benefits. It gives you intrinsic motivation, enables you to make optimal use of your talents, ensures job satisfaction and and helps you build lasting relationships with like-minded professionals.

Register with ErasmusTalent today and discover the countless possibilities for your career! We are ready to help you discover your PITA and find the ideal employer who appreciates and encourages your talents.

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