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Are you interested in the seamless process behind efficiently delivering products and services? Whether you want to gain knowledge about specific functions, hear stories from experts through interviews, or need tailor-made advice, we are there to guide you. Take your first step in a sector that is essential for every organization. Adjust the filters based on your passions and discover which vacancies in Logistics & Supply Chain perfectly match your profile.

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Interview with FloGroup

Watch the interview with Luca from FloGroup here, who talks about his journey from Student to the Logistics Industry!

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Do you have a passion for carefully managing the supply chain and optimizing goods flows? Maybe you are fascinated by efficiently coordinating transport and streamlining logistics processes. If you like to make strategic decisions and know how to turn a knob for management in this sector, then there are plenty of opportunities. Furthermore, if you have a knack for organizing production logistics, this is an area you will excel in. Let your passions and talents come together and discover the right specialization within Purchasing & Supply Chain!

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I am new in Logistics & Supply Chain. Do you also offer entry-level positions or traineeships?

Certainly! We understand that everyone has to start somewhere. That’s why we have a wide range of entry-level positions and traineeships available at various companies that are specifically designed to offer newcomers to the Logistics world a solid start. These positions often offer extensive training and development opportunities to kick-start your career.

How can I prepare well for job interviews in Logistics & Supply Chain?

Good preparation is half the job. Research the company and the specific position thoroughly, practice answers to frequently asked questions, and think of questions you want to ask yourself. Also practice your answers to frequently asked questions about your studies, experiences and why you are interested in that specific position. But, remember: it’s just as important to talk about what makes you unique in terms of interests and talents. By emphasizing what drives you and which talents you want to deploy, you indicate that you are looking for a position that really suits you and where you can optimally contribute to the company.

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Dive into our extensive range of vacancies within Logistics & Supply Chain and find the position that matches your specific talents and ambitions.

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Whether you are at the start of a career in this dynamic and essential domain, or you already have experience in Logistics and are looking for the next step, whatever stage you are at, expert advice can give you direction.

Meet Arthur, your Talent Consultant at ErasmusTalent. He is ready to provide you with tailor-made advice and support on your professional path within Logistics & Supply Chain.

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