Accent Groupe

Working at Accent Groupe offers an unique opportunity in one of the most exciting and ever-changing industries with endless learning and growth opportunities. 

Accent Circonflexe Groupe B.V. was founded in the early 90’s in the heart of Amsterdam. The focus of the business was and is exclusively  proprietary trading on the European and US stock markets.  As the company grew and the transition from floor trading to screen trading was made, Accent Pointe, under the umbrella of Groupe, was formed. Pointe focuses predominately on developing and constantly improving  Groupe’s own in house trading platform which is utilized on a daily basis.  Groupe has always maintained its ambitious but relaxed working atmosphere, an aspect that has been a pilar to its success and uniqueness. 

Proprietary trading and software development 


70 employees

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Activities of the organization

Proprietary trading, software development



•    Traders/ Intern Traders

•    Software developers- C++/Front End developers; System administration




Compliance en regelgeving

Finance & Investment



Ambitie (Motivatie)

Energie (Motivatie)

Focus op details (Management)



Trainee Trader


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